CCM Premier On Ice Review

Pads: For 2016 CCM has really stepped up their game with a pretty substantial redesign of the Premier line. The most noticeable change is the thinned out thigh rise. The core of the pads hadn’t changed in any significant way in a decade, and thinning the thigh rise has helped cut out some of the weight and unnecessary bulkiness I had found existed in previous models in the Premier line. The boot has been scooped up considerably taller, so much so that I went down a full inch from what I had worn before. On the ice the pad performed the phenomenally. Rotation was flawless and the pad felt more balanced than any Premier ever has. One change I am hoping CCM makes to the Premier line in the future is to flatten the inside of the leg like the Extreme Flex pads instead of the rounded inner roll the Premier has always had. The open knee cradle left lots of room for my knee pads and the minimalist strapping held the pad perfectly in place. Rebounds off of the pads were very consistent, always kicking out far. Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the performance of the pad in all aspects. While the majority of the changes to this generation of the Premier are relatively subtle, every one of them positively impacted the performance of the pad as compared to previous models.

Size 34+2”
Knee Cradle Recessed foam w/ outer wrap
Toe Arrangement Jenpro/HD foam w/ lace
Core Flex Precurved/single inner break/no outer break
Leg Channel Tight fit/2 calf straps
Boot Channel Shallow soft
Boot Strap Removable boot strap
Knee Strapping Single above or below knee adjustable

Glove: The CCM Premier glove line goes forward for 2016 with just minor tweaks from the previous Reebok XLT line. The addition of CCM’s D3O material in the palm of the glove have helped to beef up the palm and reduce stingers, but without sacrificing the ability to close the glove properly. Small changes to the 590 and 580 one-piece gloves have given both gloves increased catching area. The glove I tested was the 590 break, two-piece cuff with an offset pocket. The glove broke in and performed much the way I expected, pucks funnel nicely into the pocket and the glove seals the ice well when covering pucks. The tested glove also had a Game Ready palm in it, so I expected quick break in time but the potential for stingers in the fingers. Through several testing sessions I didn’t experience a single stinger and can attribute that to the D3O padding in the palm of the glove. Overall I was very impressed with the small changes CCM made to improve the glove over the previous model.

Palm Game Ready
Cuff/Thumb 590 break/two-piece cuff
Glove T Offset T/1” deeper pocket/skate lace
Wrist Strap Webbing strap through cuff

Blocker: The CCM Premier blocker remains relatively unchanged from the Reebok XLT predecessor. The only change (aside from the graphic) is the addition of D30 padding around the index finger to prevent injuries from pucks riding up the stick. One custom option I really like for this year is that CCM made binding on the blocker face an option again, as I prefer the look of binding. The blocker sits square on your hand and rotates well when making a save. This blocker is as solid as it comes in terms of protection and performance. I always order my blockers with the centered hand position as I find my paddle down seals better with the lower hand position. The CCM/Reebok blocker has been my favourite blocker on the market for years and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Palm Grey Suregrip
Board Position Centered hand
Outer Edge Bindingless

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