Goaltender Training

Some of the fiercest competitors in all of sports are found on the ice. Every position in hockey requires toughness, determination, and a competitive spirit. But goaltenders are a different breed. Every second of every game, their focus is on protecting the goal and protecting the win. To be the best, goalies must devote hours to learning and perfecting techniques that will give their teams a competitive edge during a game. At Goal Tec, we offer goaltender training for all ages that will help you take your performance to the next level.

At Goal Tec, we only work with goalies. The specialized training you’ll get here is guaranteed to make a difference in your game. Our Saskatoon and Regina locations are staffed with experienced trainers who have helped players at all levels become their best. Our goaltender training has produced top players at all levels of the game, including many who are currently playing in the NHL.

We offer a variety of options throughout the year to keep you on top of your game.

  • Summer School: Use your free time over summer break to improve your skills. Our summer school sessions are for players ages 7 to 14. Players receive age-appropriate training with a low student/instructor ratio.
  • Private Lessons: Available for all levels of play, beginner to advanced, these lessons cover techniques in four different styles of play. Instant video feedback and analysis are key components of these lessons.
  • Midget Prep Camp: Designed for premier Midget goalies, these sessions have a 1:1 student/instructor ratio. It’s a level of personalized attention unlike any other goaltender training at this level.

In addition to our training, we’ll also make sure you’re playing with the very best equipment. Our goalie shop carries everything you need from all the top brands. Plus, we offer equipment repair, mask painting, and skate sharpening. We’re your one-stop shop for everything related to goaltending!

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On top of the Huge Inventory of the latest equipment, Goal Tec is also home to private goaltender training. With lessons ranging from Beginner to Pro Level, there is something for you!