Skate Sharpening

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Every piece of a hockey player’s equipment is important, but quality skates can make all the difference. Once you’ve invested in a good pair of skates, you’ll want to get both the longest life and the best performance. One way to keep a pair of hockey skates in good condition is through regular skate sharpening.

Skate sharpening sounds simple but it’s actually an art and a science. Our technicians have received extensive training on different techniques. They also understand the different needs that players at various positions have. Other factors such as the outdoor temperature and condition of the ice also must be considered when skates are sharpened. Our goal is for you to have the utmost confidence every time you take the ice. We’ll take the time to understand exactly what you’re hoping to achieve and will sharpen your skates accordingly.

Professional Quality Skate Sharpening

At Goal Tec, our expertise comes free with our professional skate sharpening service. Sharpening for goalie and player skates is only $8.00.

We exclusively use Blademaster sharpeners in our Saskatoon and Regina shops. Blademaster is the official skate sharpener for the Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers and supplies eight of the world’s top national teams.

Come to Goal Tec for skate sharpening and to talk with our experts about how to keep your skates in great condition. Visit our Saskatoon or Regina locations today.

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